Course schedule

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Cooperation and close contact with nature is central when in camp with us at Varden Mountain School. Here at Spiterstulen you will find yourself in the middle of Jotunheimen between Glitterati and Galhøpiggen.


Spiterstulen is Visdalen ranging from Bøverdalen. In the area around Spiterstulen is lush and warm and provides opportunities for many activities on the days the weather does not permit activities elsewhere in the area.



Training scheme at Varden runs over 6 days:

1. day: arrival and accommodation (at approx. 17.00). House rules, guards and schedule. Talk about the place and the environment. 2. Today: Father, for people – easy walk to the ancient ruins and ancient trails. Traffic and mountain life in framfarne times. 3. Today: On new roads – with ropes and ice axes to ice formations on the Svellnosbreen. from the Ice Age to tourism. Useful and unytting use of the mountain. Natural wit and nature conservation. 4. Today: If the worst happens. Current hygiene, first aid in emergency transport. Landslides and emergency situations. The Norwegian Mountain Code. 5. Today: Off road and cairn. With a guide on the day, eg. to Galhøpiggen or to exercise in unknown terrain with map and compass. 6. Today: Closure and departure (approx. at. 11)

Other activities

In winter, the courses will be also talk about the ski and wax, as well as guidance and training in road engineering and mountain skiing. After the trips, students can use the swimming area with 5 x 10 m pool. Other leisure facilities include: tennis, kurong and ski lifts. We attach great importance to creating an environment where students participate in meaningful activities in their spare time. In the evenings, we gather with singing, music, games and dancing. Classes are in turn responsible for entertaining no.

Our teachers and instructors

In addition to the tour leader responsibilities, the task of stimulating students’ interest and feeling for nature and outdoor activities and to teach students basic rules for safety in the mountains and respect for the mountain.

Class teachers

assists managers and hosts. The main responsibility lies on the preparatory work, which is essential for students from the course. Considering the post-preparation exercises, group sharing, etc.


holds its own room in order and will also participate in various household tasks such as catering, cleaning and kitchen service. Otherwise, students abide by school rules and regulations of managers.

The trips

is designed for students’ age and condition. We do not focus on performance, but companionship and outdoor experience more enjoyable. Students who do not take part in physical activity must have a medical certificate.

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