Small walks

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Jotunheimen is not only the high mountains, glaciers and dangerous boulevard routes from cabin to cabin. To help you to discover some of the other possibilities mountain offers, we recommend some minor excursions in Spiterstulen neighborhood. These routes are not marked in the terrain. Details of the way the choice is left to you. To access these routes are not required in-depth knowledge of the use of map and compass. Consult with local experts and observe the terrain. There is always a cairned path or a stream nearby that can show you the way if you are unsure.

1. To Skautflyi – pure stretched

Along the path to Glitterheim / Glitterati. At the height “Skautkampan” there are several pits with bægarmer and stone arches. Camp lake is fishing. Down the veil (Veil Falls) to the old protective forests on sloping down to run the road. 4 to 5 hours.

2. On old tufer, – “father after people”

Follow the small path south-east of the houses. The trail follows the height up to Hilstuguhaugen. Fine views in all directions. Follow the ridge towards Heil lodge glacier, possibly all the way to the glacier. Down along the Heilstuguåi the foundations of an old lodge (sælehus, full stugu) on the mountain road Lom – Valdres, just west of the trail. Or visit the Visa to the old pasture sites. On the way back you can look for the old hunting lodge, inside the ground about 100 meters east of the trail, the Heil Cottage Hill. 4-5 hours.

3. Blomstertur in “Piggebakkom”

Over the bridge, along the Spiked-grovi. Rich flora. On the plateau during Svellnosi, detour to the south of height 1915, Svellnosbrefallet bird’s eye view. Back south of Winter Hill to the path from Svellnosbreen. 3-4 hours.

4. Walk in the disputed area

Over the bridge, along the Visa to the north to the abandoned pasture, (neighbor conflict from 1850 to 1856 with Høgsterettdom Commission and Mountain). Fix for Sætra tuft after årestugu. In the woods to the north “Laugartjøynne” in idyllic surroundings. 1-3 hours.

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