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Spiterstulen is located at 1,100 meters at the forest border deep into the warm and lush Visdalen. From Highway 55 in Bøverdalen is 18 km from the private toll road and into the Røisheim Spiterstulen. The road has been approved for all types of vehicles except caravans, buses and other vehicles over 6 meters. Spiterstulen is a popular starting point and end point for hikers going from cabin to cabin in Jotunheimen.

Traust mountains all around

Spiterstulen is located in the Jotunheimen mountain staid and wild glaciers on all sides. Visa Visdalen the river stretching from the watershed in the Leirvassbu, past Spiterstulen down to the Bøverdalen Røisheim. Of a total of 26 mountain peaks higher than 2,000 meters to the 17 best on day trips from Spiterstulen. The routes to Galdhøpiggen (3-4 h) and Glitterati (4-5 h) can be safely carried out without resulting in nice weather. Other 2000 meter peaks with Spiterstulen natural starting point is Skarstind (5-6 h), Styggehø (3-4 h), Uradalstind (3-4 h), Heil Cottage peaks (4-5 h), Memurutindane (4-5 h), Leirhøe (3-4 h) and Surtningssue (6-7 h). Time displays of Ascension. Returns usually takes half the time. Glacier landscape characterize the area around Spiterstulen and there are organized day trips out to the famous Adventure The ice on Svelnosbreen. The driver provides crampons and ropes.

For hikers traveling from cabin to cabin, it is natural to head to Spiterstulen from Juvasshytta (3 h), Leirvassbu (5 h), Olavsbu (8 h), Gjende (7-8 h) and Glitterheim (5t / 7 h over Glitterati).

Visdalen – a warm, lush mountain valley

Situated at 1,100 meters above sea level Spiterstulen at the treeline in the warm and lush Visdalen. Here you will find a rich flora, babbling brooks, overgrown pits and legendary mountain farm sites that are ideal for fine short trips. From the Bøverdalen Røisheim cut Visdalen the right south of the countryside right into the Jotunheimen. From the Bøvra Røisheim of 500 m. It is approx. tre mil inwards to Kyrkjeglupen of 1500 meters above sea level. and watershed where either back down the valley towards Leirvassbu and Clay Valley.

Geological Visdalen is a U-shaped valley and the river is a typical Visa flomelv with mass transfer from the tributaries that carries sediment from the glaciers. In the valley you will find the highest pine forest in the country. The valley may seem deserted, but are you may well find numerous traces of a mysterious past. Here are tales of people and traffic, for production of iron, charcoal burning, hunting and pasture operation. A utgammel soapstone mining is the basis for settlement on Smiugjelsøygarden as Vera Henriksen has spent in the novel series about Bent Jonson from the 1500s.

It’s prepared a special guide for Visdalen that can be purchased at the tourist information in Lom or Spiterstulen. It is also set up signs along the road that shows the various points referred to in this wizard. (Source Torgeir T. Garmo: Lomsførar).

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