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Tour options around Spiterstulen

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Many and varied options

Tour and activity options to and from Spiterstulen are many. Mighty mountains and glaciers surrounding the exciting Visdalen on all sides and all 17 peaks over 2300 meters can be reached from Spiterstulen on day trips. In the summer there will be trips out daily to Adventure The ice on Svelnosbreen and sunny both Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind safely climb without a guide.

Spiterstulen is centrally located for hikers going from hut to hut and both winter and summer a natural place to stop by. The walk up or down Visdalen is for many the beginning or end of nok a mountain adventure in Jotunheimen. Remember that you must always be secured with rope and go along with the usual glacier guides when you cross a glacier!

Some good advice:

– Do not think of going as fast and as far as possible. These trips are best suited for those who have a flair for detail.

– Try to keep up with where you are on the map.

– Go gently downhill, beware of loose or slippery rocks.

– Snowdrifts can make the downturn easy and fun, but must be used with care.

– The hill should be sober, and rest at each step.


Good luck!

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