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Situated at 1,100 meters above sea level Spiterstulen at the treeline in the warm and lush Visdalen. Here you will find a rich flora, babbling brooks, overgrown pits and legendary mountain farm sites that are ideal for fine short trips. Sæter ridges is a playground for the children. Spiterstulen was originally a summer farming hamlet to the family farm Sulheim which was extended for guests the first time in 1836.

Through six generations, the place has since been expanded and modernized. But the old characteristics have been preserved – with several small and large houses in one yard. Our guest rooms range from småstuer and family units with bathrooms to the juvenile departments of bunk beds and communal laundry room. We offer a total of 200 beds. In addition, we own campsite with sanitary facilities close up.

The season lasts from Spiterstulen at about 1 March to about 1 May and from about 20 May to about 15 October.